Fostering with Old Soul

As a Foster Friend with Old Soul, you are literally saving senior dogs’ lives by temporarily opening your home and giving our dogs the love and care they need while they wait for their forever homes. Foster Friends act as a bridge between Old Soul’s shelter partners and adopters – we couldn’t operate without this support. You have the opportunity to be part of a remarkable team working to create a lifetime of difference for our senior dogs. By fostering, you’re also helping to save even more lives by freeing up space in shelters for additional dogs!

What responsibility do Foster Friends have to care for their dog?

Old Soul will coordinate placement considering both the foster dog’s needs and the Foster Friend’s requests in order to support the success of the opportunity. Foster Friends are expected to provide their foster dog with:

  • A safe, fun, and loving environment
  • Transportation to and from all adoption events and veterinary care
  • Playtime, exercise, and tons of snuggles for positive reinforcement and socialization

What if I’m unavailable to foster a dog when the opportunity arises?

No worries! If you receive a foster opportunity and are unable to help at that time, just let the Canine Coordinator know. We will keep you in the loop as additional opportunities arise. Old Soul always wants to make sure you feel like you’ll be able to give the time and energy needed for this important work, so we will never pressure you into taking a senior dog.

How much time do I need to spend with my foster dog?

As much time as possible — Old Soul will work to find a match for your available time, physical space, as well as your and the dog’s energy levels and need for care. It is ideal to spend 1-2 hours a day exercising and playing with your foster dog to ensure they have plenty of attention and stimulation.


Can I foster a dog with a full-time job?

Yes! Our Foster application will assist the Canine Coordinator in connecting you with the best senior for your needs and schedule. Your Foster Friend application will assist the Canine Coordinator in connecting you with a senior dog that will be a good fit for your lifestyle. You would then balance that alone time with plenty of exercise and attention before and after you go to work.

Can I foster a dog without a fenced yard?

Absolutely! We will provide you with a collar and leash so that you can safely have exercise and curiosity time with your foster. Fosters must be on leash and accompanied any time they are outside of your home.

How long are foster dogs typically in foster care?

Ideally, fosters stay with their Foster Friend until they find their forever homes. There is no defined time limit on how long a foster may stay with you, but know that Old Soul is committed to finding forever homes for our fosters, as quickly as possible.

Will a foster dog have accidents or cause damage?

Foster dogs, like any other companion animal in your home, may damage items in your home. Senior dogs may have accidents in the home due to their age. Preparing your home and the area the dogs will stay in by removing valuable belongings, as well as providing enrichment items and bedding that help create a safe space for your foster can prevent most accidents.

Exercise and playtime are two of the best ways to ensure that your foster’s behavior stays positive and non-destructive – a tired dog is a happy dog!

Will I need to give medications to my foster dog?

Based on medical need, you may need to give your foster dog maintenance and/or short-term medications. When dogs come from shelters, they may have been exposed to illnesses that would need to be addressed as temporary conditions. Some seniors may need regular, maintenance medicine to support their health for the rest of their lives. If your foster dog needs medications, we will walk you through how to administer them and make sure you are comfortable with the process before you take your foster home.

How often do foster dogs need veterinary care?

Foster Friends are responsible for transporting their dogs to the vet for regular check-ups, vaccinations, and other medical care, as needed. Some dogs require more medical attention than others — we will ensure you are fully aware of a foster dog’s needs before placing them with you. Old Soul will provide the veterinary clinic information for your foster dog and will cover the costs of any visits.

boxer - photo by Klas Tauberman:

What if my foster dog is not working out?

You are not required to continue to foster a dog if you feel it’s not working out. However, we may not have an immediate alternate foster home for the dog. We don’t have our own overnight boarding facility at this time so we rely on our fosters and boarding partners. We will move your foster dog as soon as possible, but ask for your understanding and patience. Please contact the Foster Coordinator right away if this situation arises.

Give an Old Dog Your Best

Thank you for your interest in supporting Old Soul’s mission through fostering! Your contribution of time and care will make an invaluable impact in the lives of our senior dogs. By providing a loving space in your home, you are literally saving old dogs’ lives.